Reduce Maternal Mortality Rates!

Fund and Support R.A. 9710 or “Magna Carta for Women!”


RH Supporters wish to reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate. So do Pro-Lifers. But what is really needed is the full implementation of the Magna Carta for Women. Sec. 17 Chapter IV makes this clear!

So Tell Me

So Tell Me

The way I understand it:
1. A fertilized ovum is not a human person/being.
2. Only human person has human rights
3. Abortion is illegal for humans, not ‘living organisms’
4. Supreme Court doesn’t want to define ‘conception’ in relation to Article II Sec. 12 (i.e. fertilization? implantation?)
5. If it’s not a human person and not yet ‘conceived’, it’s practically legal to terminate it.
6. Abortion made legal.